D. Paglia & Son's History

D. Paglia and Son is celebrating their 51st year of creating finely detailed, hand crafted jewelry for the independent jeweler. They are known in the jewelry industry for creating beautiful “Representational Jewelry”.  These lifelike charms, brooches, earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets are a welcome addition to fine jewelry showcases around the country.  The categories include Equestrian, Nautical, Wildlife, Floral, Novelty Charms and more!

Their humble beginnings were in a Newark, New Jersey factory loft. They’ve relocated to a new 16,000 square foot facility located in rural New Jersey.  Some “old-timers” might remember the name as Guth and Paglia.  Mr. Guth has long since retired.  The company name changed to D. Paglia & Son in 1990.  Through the hard work of Daniel and Rose Paglia, the company expanded and flourished.  Dan and Rose have since retired and Daniel, their son, has been at the helm for the past sixteen years.  Under Daniel’s watchful eye, sales have soared; new collections have been designed and implemented.  While always remembering the company’s roots of lovingly creating each piece of jewelry as a work of art by hand, he’s expanded production using new technology, including cad-cam design and production and laser welding!  Daniel also has a knack for hiring wonderful craftspeople who take their work seriously.

The D. Paglia design team is eagerly awaiting their chance to create a timeless piece of jewelry just for you!

This website is dedicated in loving memory to Daniel Paglia (Dan’s father) who passed away August 2005 – he is always in our hearts.